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Date 27/01/2021
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1. Non - Transport Vehicles include Motor Cycle with or without sidecar for personal use, Mopeds, Three Wheeled vehicles for personal use, Motor Car for personal use, Fork Lift;
2. Transport vehicle includes a public service vehicle, a goods carriage, an educational institution bus or private service vehicle;
3. Light motor vehicle includes a transport vehicle or omnibus the gross vehicle weight of either of which or a motor car or tractor or road-roller the unladen weight of any of which, does not exceed 7,500 kilograms;
4. Medium goods vehicle includes any goods carriage other than a light motor vehicle or a heavy goods vehicle;
5. Heavy goods vehicle includes any goods carriage the gross vehicle weight of which, or a tractor or a roadroller the unladen weight of either of which, exceeds 12,000 kilograms.
Multiple class of vehicles can be selected.
Motor Cycle without Gear (Non-Transport) (MCWOG)
Motor Cycle with Gear (Non-Transport) (MCWG)
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)
LMV - 3 Wheeler NT (3W-NT)
LMV - Tractor-NT (TRCTOR)
Adapted Vehicle (ADPVEH)
2 Wheeler without Gear + 4 Wheeler
2 Wheeler with Gear + 4 Wheeler